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Should we really fake it till we make it? Amy Cuddy's TED talk

"Your body language shapes who you are."

Amy Cuddy presents one of my favourite TED talks. She talks about sticking your arms in the air like superwoman for two minutes in order to CHANGE THE CHEMICALS IN YOUR BODY and make you feel more like superwoman.

In her study she discovered that by doing this Cortisol, a stress hormone, lowers, and testosterone, a hormone that helps propel us into action, rises. She scientifically proves the validity of the phrase "fake it till you make it."

How do we do this - build "new containers" in our bodies?

  • What happens if you sit up a little straighter in the chair you're currently sitting in?

  • What happens if you soften your shoulders slightly?

  • What happens if I uncross my arms or open up my posture in some way?

  • What happens if you let the tension out of your jaw or your eyeballs?

  • What happens if you bring your shoulders slightly forward, or backward?

  • What happens if you bring your legs closer together, further apart, or plant your feet on the ground?

Try these and notice how your view of the world may change, ever so slightly, in the different postures.

These minute shifts can have a surprising effect on the way we feel, and the way we are perceived, in the world. These small changes have the power to affect the dynamics in our teams at work and with complete strangers.

If you like it, try it 10 000 more times.

(Don't freak out, it only takes a second)

This repetition slowly shifts us into a new way of being.

Right now, where you're sitting, notice what message your body is giving to others, and to yourself?

P.S. We don't necessarily want to push over and through our patterns, forcing our bodies into new disconnected contortions, but playing around with this in a light way can be illuminating, and something to further explore with someone who can support us.

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