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TEAMBUILDING that pushes you off the edge and holds you close. High engagement and high impact. You didn't know your team could go there. It could be cheesy, but instead it's scientific and hilarious. It goes to where drinks after work & bungee jumping doesn't always reach.

OUTCOMES: employee retention, engagement, happiness, creativity,


TRAINING in the hard-to-train stuff. The intangibles become tangible and you get tools to navigate the elephants in the room, yours and theirs. These trainings cross the line from knowing it to feeling it, and knowing how you got there.

MEASURABLES: leadership, presence, communication, wellness




You can PLAY with how you do WORK.

What if your workplace supported innovation, satisfaction, and health?

What if ease in the workplace positively impacted the people you serve?

What if you decided to do it differently?


finding lightness in a world of competition and burnout.


the emerging body-mind perspective on confidence, presence, clear-thinking and risk-taking.


taking your team to the next level with creativity, innovation, + connection.


Finding safety so you can take risks. Psychological safety is the #1 predictor of a successful team. 


PRESENTATIONS that are present. Present time events where you're not just talked at but included. These are often interactive and are based in emerging ideas on creativity, change, growth, human interaction and workplace wellness. They incorporate elements of art + science so they're enjoyable for all.

IN SHORT: experiential learning, innovative ideas, human, accessible


1 ON 1 SESSIONS take us to new conversations; going from stuck to the ability to create yourself and your life. It has been called therapy on warp speed. It is coaching in presence. You set the agenda and I rather scientifically and intuitively, work with you to get there. 

POSSIBLE GOALS: new patterns, interpersonal skills, stress-management, increased effectiveness

"Sincere thank you for the exceptional workshop and experiential delight ... You brought to light many critical reminders of the importance of play, how to play, and most importantly how to ensure its presence not only in our personal lives, but also professionally."

Kelly Angelius / Provincial Manager / FRIENDS Program (MCFD BC)

"I had no idea what to expect coming in to the workshop, and when I saw how hands on it was, was a little nervous about how our reserved group would handle it. Lisa did a great job creating a safe space and encouraging folks to explore and breakthrough their comfort zones."

Jeanine Fynn / Public Works and Government Services Canada

"Lisa did a fantastic 2 day session with the team at RED, helping us to explore play, and how we can further create an environment that is safe, trusted and conducive to learning. Really great session, the instructors loved it - would highly recommend Lisa!"

Colin Mansell / CEO / RED Academy

"What a wonderful presence you bring to a learning event, and I thought your audience engagement was simply outstanding. The message that we have to get the material to "go deep" and not just stay in our cerebral cortex is timely, necessary, compassionate and helpful."

Glenn Grigg, PhD, City University Professor, BCACC Learning Event

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