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Theatre + Creative Development


Date: TBD currently on the Sunshine Coast

Cost: $230

Where: Vancouver, Dharmalab

Register by emailing

Why do this? 

Well, to stay alive; to get out of a creative rut; to move and transform an audience; to get out of the big dark hole; to find your personalized funny; to stop fighting with yourself; to get unstuckto feel closer to others; to “self-care” without puking on the words "self-care"; to resist what we don't want by making what we do want; to change the world rather than saving it; to laugh really hard; to not take yourself so seriously; to get further into the guts of your acting/music/performing/presenting practice; to explore the richness of what is happening RIGHT NOW without having to try so hard.

Many people have done the class who never thought they would. The most important thing in a class that goes high and deep is going gently. We hold the tender things carefully. We throw other things up in the air.

"It is life-changing work, and that is said from the perspective of weeks after the workshop! When I think of it visually, it is as though you cranked up the wick in a lamp to let the light burn brighter.” Software Engineer, North Carolina 

See more testimonials here.

play, presence + performance: 

A weekly tune-up for the body, mind + imagination


Date: Sept 12, 22. 6-9 pm for 6 sessions

Cost: $230 Early Bird $200 by July 30

Where: Roberts Creek

Register by emailing


Why do this? 

To go higher + deeper into the creative process in a consistent way aka weekly. This workshop is similar to Practice of Play but we go further into the craft. 

Consistency matters cuz we're changing the brain and the deep down internal landscape of your being. This is important for "ahas" and "lightbulb moments" that last.

“As a performer and director, this class was so strange and delightful. I found new openness in my work and a new emotional range that I didn’t know I could access. I have new tools which I am already using in the rehearsal room as a director, and I am so excited by this work that I have been telling almost EVERYONE about it. I can’t wait to take another clown class with Lisa – she is one of the most excited, intuitive, and insightful instructors I have ever worked with. Everyone in the class improved so much because she worked with us at our level. It was a wonderful experience. I’m so glad I took this class and stretched myself into work that I had no experience in.”

~Director & Performer (Vancouver, BC)

"Lisa Voth is like every great teacher you've ever had - rolled into one. DO the work she teaches... or you may never know what a fun, engaging, alive person you really are... "


- Joe Bickson (Executive Consultation)

“One of Lisa’s greatest strengths as an instructor is her ability to guide and gently direct while remaining sensitive to individual process. In her workshop, I felt safe and supported to do my own work, knowing that she was available to guide as necessary. Her compassion for her students and herself is truly evident in her work.”

~ Graphic Designer, Nutritionist & Writer (Vancouver, BC)

More testimonials here.

PROFESSIONAL PLAY: finding lightness in the heavier professions.

Date: designed upon request 


EMBODIED LEADERSHIP: the emerging body-mind perspective on confidence, presence, clear-thinking and risk-taking.

Designed upon request 


WORKPLACE WELLNESS: taking your team to the next level with creativity, innovation, + connection.

Designed upon request 


Corporate Workshops

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