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Chef's Table + what it showed me about how many possibilities are possible

What I'm about to say is NOT a parental guilt trip. I'm sure I'd feed my children, if I had them, cheese toast 3X a day if they wouldn't get sick. However, I grew up in a household that hated to cook. This means my parents derived no pleasure from feeding me. Sure, they wanted me alive, but the steps necessary for that to occur on the culinary level they weren't so into. If you believe all the "woo woo" (slowly-being-shifted-into-scientific facts) stuff out there about how our energy affects our food, and our food, in turn, affects us, this is curious.

I stumbled upon the show "Chef's Table" through a man who LOVES to cook!

I watched the first episode of the second season in which Grant Achatz created pillows of nutmeg air that wafted out as you ate the desert sitting on top of it.

There were tomatoes that looked just like strawberries.

There were helium balloons you could eat and centerpieces hanging in the air that throughout the course of the evening became part of your dinner.

I saw things that BLEW MY MIND in terms of what is possible in cooking.

And I suppose it was a bit of a t.v. inspired spiritual awakening. So many things are possible that I didn't even know about. I know this is stating the obvious, but seeing this alternative possibility shifted something so radically for me I believe because it involved such an ordinary event.

Cooking is such an everyday event. Working is such an everyday event. Talking to people is such an ordinary event. We spend so many hours of our ONE and ONLY LIFE, doing these things.

There is so much more possible that I don't know about, and even knowing that opens me up to something.

And as all spiritual awakenings go, I'm sure this too may fizzle a bit, or perhaps turn into a north star, but geez, in the meantime it's got me stoked.

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